A Brief Introduction To Dewa Standards

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Mar 16

A Brief Introduction to DEWA Standards

A Brief Introduction to DEWA Standards

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is a public service infrastructure company that was founded on 1 January 1992 by Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Today, DEWA employs over 9000 people and supports over half million households with their electricity and water services. Over the years, DEWA has achieved competitive results in its area of work, surpassing leading European and American companies by reducing losses in power transmission and distribution networks to a meagre 3.3%, compared to the global standard of 6-7% in Europe and the USA. 

Why was DEWA instituted?  ( Add the Official DEWA Logo opposite the Paragraph)

Practicing MEP consultants and electrical contractors in the emirate of Dubai, UAE are required to register themselves and enlist their services with DEWA to undertake electrical design work and/or installation works in any project or premises in the emirate.

The objective of the utility body is to provide consumers, consultants, contractors, electrical engineers & technicians with general guidelines relating to the design, installation, inspection and compliance for electric installations. This ensures the safety of personnel and from potential hazards arising at site.

DEWA may also include speci?c training & certi?cation for specialized categories of work, if found essential to ensure the safety, reliability and quality of the installation. The criteria, procedures and guidelines to be followed for such testing is issued separately and normally published on the official DEWA website.

How to use DEWA’s Services?

New Installations

For all new projects planned in the emirate of Dubai, prior to the commencement of any electrical installation, the proposed technical details of the installation have to be submitted to DEWA for review and approval thereof. Once approved by the utility, electrical installation work can be carried out at site as per the approved drawings and proposed loads.

Post completion of the work, DEWA inspection is carried out at site. The application for this inspection is to be made online by the contractor in charge of the site. DEWA inspections are composite in nature and check numerous aspects of the installation such as cabling, LV room designs etc. Once all aspects of the installation are found satisfactory, DEWA engineers energize the site. 

Existing Installations

Applications to energize additional loads or modi?cation in existing installations are to be made on-line  for every Project/ Installation, subject to terms and conditions issued by DEWA from time to time.

Before the commencement of any electrical installation, large or small, new or additional, the proposed technical details of installations have to be submitted to DEWA, for review and prior approval thereof. 



DEWA has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception, and today ensures reliable and cost-effective power and water supply to the global city that never sleeps.  

To learn more about the DEWA regulations, please visit the official DEWA website.

(hyperlink to  https://www.dewa.gov.ae/en)

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