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Dec 12


THE ADAPT AND INNOVATE SEMINAR SERIES ROLLS INTO ABU DHABI - The latest edition of the Adapt & Innovate seminar series was held at the Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan, Abu Dhabi on Tuesday the 12th of December.

The seminar focused on the recent changes that have occurred in the IEC 61439 standards as pertinent to the testing of Low Voltage Switchgear systems. Key points relevant to the ADDC regulations and critical to the success of panel assemblers in the region were discussed.

The highlight of the event was the thought provoking session on earthquakes and the exacting standards that LV panels are required to meet in order to be compliant with the requirements of the IEEE 693 regulations.

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The presentation delved into the various tests required by the IEEE 693 standards for LV Switchgear systems to be certified as Seismic event resistant, the methodology of testing for LV panels, and the key parameters and results that are expected of a testing process to achieve a successful certification.


A highly interactive session ensued and the seminar served as a wonderful learning opportunity for the consultants, contractors, panel assemblers and other industry professionals present.


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