Low Voltage Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Low Voltage Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Dorman Smith PFC Capacitors are designed and manufactured for the most demanding applications and toughest ambient conditions. These capacitors are durable, safe, reliable and offer a high performance solution for power factor correction in Industrial & semi-industrial application.

Dorman Smith PFC Capacitors are made in accordance with Metallized Polypropylene technology with built-in SELF HEALING properties. Dorman Smith Capacitors are manufactured in state of the art manufacturing facility for metallization of the film. The elements are wound on fully automatic numerically controlled winding machine that ensures no corona discharge & ionization. The elements are housed in a cylindrical shaped aluminum case with built in over pressure disconnection device.

Technical Specification:

  • Conforms to IEC 60831 – 1 & 2
  • 5 kVAR – 30 kVAR
  • Rated voltage 230-690V, 50 / 60Hz
  • Special design internal discharge
  • Extruded Aluminum or Powder Coated sheet steel housings
  • Metalized Polypropylene Film with Zn/Al Alloy
  • -250C /+550C (Class-D)

Over Pressure Disconnection Device

Sometimes Capacitors may explode due to very high voltages in repetitive peaks, which cannot be ‘self healed’ by the regenerative property. Dorman Smith Capacitors are provided with an internal Over-Pressure Disconnector, which disconnects the capacitor from the power source and prevents it from exploding.

Construction details of capacitors

Dorman Smith manufactures three different types of PFC Capacitors - Standard Duty (400/415/440V), Heavy Duty (440/480V) and Super Heavy Duty (525/690V). The Standard Duty capacitors are manufactured by using standard thickness of dielectric material with heavy edge metallization.

Heavy Duty Capacitors are manufactured with thicker dielectric material, housed in a bigger aluminium can.

Super Heavy Duty Capacitors are made of Internal Series Metallized Film,which will reduce the terminal voltage at the capacitor level half. This will help in drastic reduction of temperature within the capacitor.

Low Voltage Power Factor Capacitors