The History of Dorman Smith.

Dorman Smith Journey

OVER a decade of ELECTRICAL engineering EXCELLENCE

Over 130 Years of
Electrical Excellence

History of Dorman Smith

Founded in 1886, in Manchester UK, Dorman Smith can be fairly described as a founder member of the Electrical Industry.

Our growth story over the course of the last century has seen us take giant strides in the products and services that we offer and the Global markets that we cater to.

Today, we are a brand of choice in the Field of Low Voltage Switchgear offering a comprehensive technological solution to clients ranging from the simplest Distribution Board to the most complex multi-cubicle Switchboards.

The Organization is driven by its unwavering commitment to quality and focus on customer delight. This continues to be our guiding principle as we scale greater heights globally.

The History of Dorman Smith Book


Dorman Smith Switchgear Founders


Charles Mark Dorman and Reginald Arthur Smith, establish a partnership styled “Dorman and Smith”.
Dorman Smith Electrical Parts


Dorman Smith moves from Electrical Installation works to specialize in the Manufacture of Electrical Parts. Patents for Lamp holders and Electric Switches under the brand name are acquired.

Dorman Smith Manchester Industrial Facilities


Dorman Smith places product emphasis on lamp holders, fuses, fused plugs, switches and switchboards and establishes a new factory in Salford, Manchester.
 Dorman Smith at the Science Museum


Dorman Smith wins the order for the Royal Mansion House Switchboard. The Board remained in service until 1965 and is currently an exhibit at the Science Museum, South Kensington, UK.
Dorman Smith at Parliaments House-UK


Dorman Smith Switchboards serve as the de facto Market Standard and are installed in the Houses of Parliament, UK.
Dorman Smith Load Master


The Dorman Smith Load Master Miniature Circuit Breaker and the Cubicon Sheet Steel Switchboard Systems are introduced. The Distinguishing feature is it's modular characteristic allowing for Authorized Assemblers to meet customer requirements.
Dorman Smith Preston Industrial Facilities


Dorman Smith shifts its entire Manufacturing base from Salford, Manchester to Preston, Lancashire.
Dorman Smith Joint Ventures


Dorman Smith ties up with Morarji Ltd to set up Morarji Dorman Smith Limited in Bombay, India. The Joint venture serves as the entry to the Asian Market.
The History of Low Voltage Miniature and Molded Case Circuit Barkers


Dorman Smith launches the Loadline Series of Miniature Circuit breakers and Molded Case Circuit Breakers up to 2500 Amps.
Dorman Smith in UK and Australia


Dorman Smith introduces the TrafiLAMP, Transistorized battery operated high visibility traffic flashers. Primary markets include UK and Australia.