Compliance with International Standards

05 / July / 2017

Dorman Smith Compliance with International Standards

Dorman Smith products comply with internationally recognized Technical and Quality standards which ensure that each product meets the relevant standard’s requirements for its intended use.

The design, manufacture, assembly and testing of Dorman Smith products is governed by compliance to international quality standards through the operation of a Quality Management System.

Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2008

The Institute of Electrical Engineers (IEE) British Standard BS 7671 addresses Requirements for Electrical Installations and dictates that all relevant products must comply with applicable British, International or Harmonized Standards according to the intended installation and application of the equipment. The BS 7671 document is commonly referred to as ‘The Wiring Regulations’.

Dorman Smith products are manufactured, routinely tested and assembled in accordance and compliance with relevant Harmonized Standards recognized by the electrical industry.

A Harmonized Standard is a European Standard formally presented by the European Committee for Electro technical Standardization, CENELEC, to the European Commission and published in its official journal. These documents are denoted by the prefix EN (European Norm).

Our products, manufactured and supplied globally conform to appropriate electrical and mechanical standards as detailed below.

Main Distribution Boards EN 61439-2
Sub Main Distribution Boards EN 61439-2
Final Distribution Boards EN 61439-2 & 3
Air Circuit Breakers (ACB) EN 60947-2 & 3
Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) EN 60947-2
Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Over Current Protection (RCBO) EN 61009
Switch Disconnectors EN 60947-3
Modular Contactors EN 60947-4 & EN 61095
Timers & Time Switches EN 60730-1
On-Load Changeover Switches EN 747-3
On-Load Switch Disconnectors EN 60947-1 & 3
Power Contactors EN 60947-4-1 & 60947-5-1
Thermal Overload Relays EN 60947-4
Power Factor Correction Capacitors EN 60831-1 & 2
Detuned Harmonic Reactors EN 60289
Capacitor Switching Contactors EN 60947-1 & 4
Waterproof Enclosed Isolators EN 60947-3
Bus Duct Systems EN 61439

In addition to the above, and where appropriate, Dorman Smith products also comply with the relevant requirements of the standard for protection against physical, mechanical and liquid ingress as follows:

Ingress Protection – EN 60529

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